Mul's (@mul_draws) popularity has grown from his spontaneous, head turning and vibrant style that unites the universal appeal of cartoon with the raw energy of street art.

He is part of a new wave of global street artists and his energetic, boldly outlined figures, against solid or patterned backdrops is instantly recognisable as unique and his own.

His heart warming figures such as running hearts, roller skating disco balls, ironically reflect politics, current affairs and disco. His loud headlines instantly create a smile and a loyal following.

Known as one of the hardest working artists on the urban scene his non stop approach has led to bigger and more colorful murals, some commissioned whereas others are just spontaneous freestyles.

His local presence is unquestionable and has now set his sights to bring color and a smile worldwide.



PREFAB7 (@prefab77) a.k.a. Peter Manning is a UK based artist whos origins and influences are in England, California and New York.

His early training as a printmaker and designer for Her Majesty in the British Army was fundamental in influencing his early Untied Kingdom subject matter, going on to New York to work in fashion and branding which influences his current. His fascination with portraiture and the female form stems from this period and is central to his imagery.
Living on Elizabeth street in Nolita in the transitional '90's between rough and ready door dwellers to armed guarded jewellery stores, he fell in love with the layers of tags and posters that, over the years, created a neglected, urgent, idiosyncratic and incidental beauty, and adding to this heady visual mix was art from early influences, Swoon, Faile, Obey, WK Interact started to appear, it was an epiphany and a calling that became an obsession. Weaving small pieces of popular culture; money, street, religious, musical and political affiliations, into visually beautiful allegorical portraits, they express an abstract idea or convey a meaning not explicitly set forth in the narrative.


Ryan Roadkill

Roadkill (@ryanroadkill) is an artist hailing from the north east of England. Fuelled by punk rock and black coffee. With a background as an illustrator and designer. He has worked with many large clients and agencies across the world.

In his artwork Roadkill explores speed, gangs, life and death, surveillance and subcultures. Portrayed through the medium of vehicles and internal combustion. It’s a nostalgic look back to a somewhat bygone era. Harnessing the style and execution of the traditional brush and ink techniques from 80/90s comics, Ryan has developed a unique style and application from this enduring influence. His work is often portrayed through anti hero characters and the theme of speed, his work weaves turbulently through the pitfalls of anxious pop culture… at 100mph